Bombs Away: Hollywood Braces for Historic 4 Straight Weeks of Megaflops

by hiltonlgik

Hollywood aims to keep tax rate the same

And the outlook isn’t much brighter for “Turbo,” the $135 million DreamWorks Animation family film about a snail with dreams of speed, which opens that same weekend. The summer’s surfeit of tentpole movies drove the box office to record levels in the season’s first two months, but the competition is clearly starting to take a toll. “Pacific Rim” will be trying to lure action fans this weekend, but will compete with four big-budget movies of the same genre: “The Lone Ranger,” “White House Down,” “Man of Steel” and “World War Z” — all of which are still in more than 2,000 theaters. There are a few bright spots ahead this month.
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Putting Hollywood’s biggest bombs back together

<strong>“Hudson Hawk” (1991):</strong> Another film done in by a bloated budget, poor marketing and backroom gossip (star Bruce Willis, center, was the subject of several rumors). The film by “Heathers” director Michael Lehmann was one of the biggest bombs of the 1990s. <a href=But more recent takes say it makes a pretty decent screwball comedy.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

However, despite claims he is ‘still pursuing’ his legal battle to keep them, three workmen were spotted painting over them with grey paint on Thursday. Cover up: Three workmen paint over Chris Brown’s graffiti on the walls of his Hollywood Hills home on Thursday Now you see them… Chris painted the 8ft high monsters on the wall in April Unpopular with the neighbours: Chris, pictured at the BET Awards on June 30, irked his neighbours Chris spray painted the 8ft high monsters, in pink, red, brown and white, on the side of his $1.5million three-bedroom home in April. Authorities were alerted in May after neighbours complained the wall art was detrimental to the area and it scared their children. At the time, City Councilman Tom LaBonge said: ‘They jump right out at you.
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“We use movies more and more to distinguish ourselves and our personalities and our identities. People who celebrate bad movies are using it to differentiate themselves from the mass and saying, ‘I don’t agree with the standards of evaluation.’ ” So films once buried get revisited. It’s happened before — the French New Wave directors first made their mark as essayists who re-evaluated genres and filmmakers before entering the business themselves — but now there are armies of bloggers who can watch a film on video and announce that it got a bum rap the first time around.
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Chris Brown’s monster murals on wall of his Hollywood Hills home are painted over after he loses initial bid to keep them

Eyesore: Chris has been living in the $1.5million home since 2011

The next fiscal year begins Oct. 1. The $195.5 million general fund budget which is up about $19.5 million from this years budget includes salary and benefit increases for employees, and maintenance and replacement for some city vehicles.
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